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Lift our Youth

 In these times our children's future and education is important and hurting. If you can parents we invite you to check out online learning programs like - this program is awesome and structured. K12 will supply your child with all the books, tools, software and hardware needed including school laptop (if available) for lower income families that need one.

They will supplies students and parent/guardian also called the (Learning Coach) with all the curriculum books needed for your children's success. This is very important, your home turns into the classroom/school and no school is complete with school books. 

Live daily classrooms/ course work/ and peer interaction & participation 

Your child will be able to work with their teacher and speak amongst the classroom for example children are given activities to complete together in breakout rooms the teacher comes in to check on how these group of student are doing and how participation is flowing just like in the real classroom when the teacher is walking amongst the students in the group. That is absolutely awesome. These children are able to have real classroom experience at home in a structures program with family support and it works. You child goal in this program is about growth and retaining information. 

Learning Coach Community support available once in the program (gives the Learning Coaches a place to share and learn information).

Growth testing that helps your child(ren)f5ug and you know what areas you child is strong and what area the Learning coach can help strengthen.

Share your virtual school with us- structured programs only, must be a full support program  that provides school books and curriculum books to all students via parcel. 

 Please submit information and resources from your local and state to add to this database. Submit info to  and add subject youth.

 We are looking for programs that have helped your children like virtual tutoring resources especially to help our children who are in brick and mortar schools.  These programs and software's need to be shared you never know who these tools can help. Thank you all have a blessed day!

 Tools:  - Find free and paid worksheets and resource

IXL - Practice different schools subject and get evaluations on child's progression.

Khan Academy - Check out their tools for success K-12 & College

-Watch your child excel.

-Get tools for practicing overall and specific areas. 




Learn more about Stride Learning -


Submit information and resources here:


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