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Some of my story.

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I don't know who needs to hear this but truthfully all I ever wanted was my shot. I reached out and went through every obstacle every weapon formed against me. Tried to do everything right.  I learned how employers throw you to the side like you are not human and don't let you have disabled children on top of that cause when do you you may be out. Sorry employer but Cerebral Palsy does not go away. That is what  I wanted to yell at my job when my manager said " Resign and we will rehire you when your daughter gets better" even though they had my medical papers showing my infant child's situation.  This was after I asked can I work remote from home or temp leave and denied both. All I ask was the job I adapted for to adapt for me. They were once located less than 30 mins from my home then moved over an 1 hour away and I still made it to work. I was just finding out and finally getting help from fighting doctors on what is going on with my young child's health. I needed them to adapt a little for me and they had the ability to accommodate.

 I went on the floor with bonus money, had multiple supervisor/managers asking me if I could work in their departments. I literally asked them to allow me certain software so I can do job effectively something I was good for doing with all tech employers so I can service effectively. I know I was great at solving technical solutions, taking payment and deescalating calls you name it. I was setting up to get a license as a loan officer. I had a background in learning real estate and mortgage. They had people lining up at the managers desk. I'm not that type. I literally helped my whole area to minimize it. I remember one customer I helped had an Fha loan and needed help. I learned when you get that loan the number stays the same no matter who is the servicer. I was able to analysis the docs in her file by having access to one of those programs I requested for in training which I did not know at the time was for their research department. Between banks someone changed her loan number. This discrepancy caused this lady to not be able to refinance her home she paid into. For over a year that lady was upon deaf ears is what she told me.  I could only imagine her hurt. I knew it all to well someone not caring on the other end.  It took me less than 15 mins my time. I requested 15 min downtime and full manager support once I generated a full solution for this customer. I told her "call back in 30 mins and I promise you I will have an answers and forwarded her info and  I will have notes and solution in your account". I put in her notes that I searched her docs and found the number was not the same as her current loan number and the reason they can not find her and help is because of the change and I even gave them her original loan number.  When the department in that same job failed I picked up that and fixed it. That lady deserved that. My co workers were not doing their job and by me doing my job I know now it ruffled feathers. The girl that trained me I believe I was a threat to. I never attempted to compete with anyone I was simply being me. Trying to be good at what I was doing. That same girl that trained me gained animosity toward me I never understood her deal but as you get older and look at  it all you see the discrimination, envy and deceit. My manager and her were always chatting. When I helped that lady it showed for a year her department she was in charge of been slacking. For her it was like the girl we had you train that asked for the software in your department just solved a mystery. She did not even know I had that access.   I helped  that lady cause I gave a damn, she was crying she was hurting and I was in the position to find a solution. So even though I educated customers, I did tech support on their online customer accounts. Talked to customers and educated them to understand their escrow and payments all day. Minimize repeat calls and lowered call volume. Got bonuses before officially on floor  which was not normal.  My name on their leaderboard weekly as high performance  and even before I left training. I even tried administration to help let me get leave just temporary or work with my schedule and I still was cancelled. I even reapplied when she was older when I learned they had a branch in the city I live in now. They never rehired me.What do you do when your  back is up against the wall.  What do you do? You become self made and you find a way. I got stories for days of being shot down, discrimination and more even now but life in constant dwelling is no life at all. You got to move forward either your gonna be what they think you are or be what you know you are.  For years I risked my life driving independently just to get a small piece to try to build a resource and an outlet not just for me but for my nation. Know Trinity Skys was built purely out of love, drive and a higher purpose. I believe my purpose, the good times, trials  & tribulations that brought me this point is so much bigger than me. We want to grow and become that outlet to help grow this economy and find way to lift and help the innovative you. The inquirers who need information I want to help.  Know you are so much more. I don't care about your race, gender, party affiliation, religion. Almost every single culture in the world is here and these difference make us great. It will make our children great. We must learn how to respect each other more and care a little more.   

So let's be that, let's evolve,  let us be great, let us rebuild. We want to grow this country and make a difference not looking for a spotlight just a place to be able to be a resource and an outlet  for Americans to shine and grow. Don't throw your talent away no matter how hard it may seem.  We will continue to grow and find resource to help us rebuild. There is more to come. 


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