EDUCATE & ELEVATE ™ Program - Giving Americans a Place to Shine! Trinity Skys

EDUCATE & ELEVATE ™ Program - Giving Americans a Place to Shine!

Welcome to Giving Americans a Place to Shine! Trinity Skys Supplier Program.  We are looking to expand the USA Opportunity for income.

Trinity Skys's is looking to expand American growth as an American company it is our ultimate goal to show the beauty and diversity America has in culture and product. We are looking for USA based suppliers from small to big. We are looking for the average American looking for a place to show their product. Are you looking to grow and expand your own brand?   Well let us give your product a platform with Trinity Skys and become a suppliers with us.

How it works

We do all the marketing and assist in selling your product and you handle shipping to customers. Once delivery is made customers have 7 days to report any product discrepancies. No reports made then Trinity Skys will release payment and you get paid. Very simple and payments to suppliers are made the following 24-48 after the 7 day grace period. This is to protect suppliers and buyers. Payments for units sold are made to you from Trinity Skys's Paypal merchant account only. We will update bank deposit options soon. All suppliers must have an active Paypal account to receive fast and secure payments and statements. Any reports we will discuss with suppliers. Suppliers must be willing to do exchanges if an error is made by supplier. Product QUALITY is a MUST we expect our suppliers to ship the same product being marketed with accurate sizing. Be able to ship product 24-48 hr after label and order information is sent. Breaking product quality and repeat issues will result in termination from our supplier program. We do not sell alcohol, tobacco, hazardous liquids or digital content that is not Trinity Skys's (digital).  We will make the process as hassle free as possible. You will not be charged a monthly plan or extra fees. We profit from the margins only. We forbid lead generating from order labels this behavior will be a breach of buyer personal information and will be reported to law enforcement and not tolerate. We expect all supplier to remain professional and respectful and let's have fun selling. Look below for supplier sign up form. 

How do I inquire?

For best communication create an account on our site use your preferred email. 

Fill out our form and management will contact you.

Educate & Elevate 

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