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Offering a way to make temporary and ongoing passive income in our referral program.  Silver Associates make 5% income per item's profit margin you sell.  Gold Associate make 10% income per item profit margin you sell.   To receive income customer must use the custom referral code that will be given individually to each associate. Your code will be unique and your own identifier to receive payment and keep record of your sales. 

Associates can promote any items or collections on Trinity Skys's website or app. Gift cards are not part of the referral program.  Associate must have a PayPal to receive secure payout weekly. PayPal account will only be used to receive secure weekly direct payout (Scheduled every Friday by est.)  No initial purchase needed to be part of program. There will be fun incentives and gifts to active and participating Associates. Referral Associates  must keep in mind most of our product ships to USA only. More international shipping  will be announced in future.

To sign up fill out form below by clicking link. If having issues and asked to sign in form try from a mobile browser try coming to directly and scroll to bottom click Trini'Blog. We noticed issues in viewing this page correctly if redirected from a social media link.

Please be advised this is an earning opportunity for those interested this is not a place for soliciting or advertising any who violates on our site will be banned from posting. Thank You.

Updated 11/8/2021

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