Winter 2020  Work At Home List Trinity Skys

Winter 2020 Work At Home List

As we all try to figure out what is the best course to take for work amongst other obligations through an ever-changing year. We wanted to present this list to you all in hopes that this helps. This will be the first of many resources to help each other forward.

1099 - Mom: 4 Tips to Establish Balance in Your Work/Home Life

As working at home is becoming the new norm as many are not clear if this will be a long-lasting change but it is definitely not a new way to work. We composited a list of companies that hire at home W2 employees, Independent Contractors and  IBOs (Independent Business Owners). There are many more employers out there and we want to make sure you all have the list and resources. This list may begin with us but it should not stop with us so we invite you to interact here with us at Trinity Skys and send info @ We will do our part to research all entries and add them to the list.

Are you Ready?

Have your check list ready. Company have their own list of requirements so we put together and small check list of what you need to get your home office started for work.

  1. You will not be able to muffle every sound. Your office should be a place that muffles most outside side noise and a place free from in home interruptions.
  2. High speed Internet Connection – ever employer has their own internet minimums

Pc or Laptop – some employers do not allow laptops under a certain screen size same with monitor size for pc.

  1. USB headset
  2. Digital Phone line – must be dedicated to your work only and not the home phone line – ensure from as must interference as possible.

These are basic minimums so companies will differ and may require more or less.

Search for terms such as:  remote or work at home.






United Health Group

Contract World


Wells Fargo



Transcribe Me



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1’ve been working from home as a real estate agent for 16 years and following retirement from the postal service in 2005. I love it because it’s relaxing and work at my pace and luxury but it has been busy with all nighters at times but rewarding. Love my job♥️


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