Get your website developed at $0 fee.

Get your website developed at $0 fee.

I will develop you a quality starter store build free of charge. 

Complete Shopify Store Setup

Theme Customization

Premium Themes - (can be added but at Shopify cost after transfer you to owner of your new website. Will support and add themes you (one time of your choice at no additional charge -  future updates and changes will be at a fee.)

Menus, Products and Collections Listing

Custom Logo Design & High Quality Images

Product Description

Payment Integration

Drop shipping up to 50 product 

In house products up to 50 products w/ product description + images (you must provide descriptions, images and product information for it to be added)

Policy pages(About us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, Returns Policy)

Please note after website completion and  if any trial period has ended - Shopify Basic monthly cost is $40 monthly. 


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