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Quantum Hexagonal Lamps Touch Sensitive

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Item Type:Night Lights
Is Bulbs Included:Yes
Power Generation:Touch
Power Source:AC
Battery Type:NONE
Body Material:ABS
Light Source:LED Bulbs
Is Batteries Included:No
Model Number:Quantum lamp


Light source type: LED Size: 115*100*18mm Note:  5pcs Colorful (red, green, blue, yellow, pink           Each a piece of)            6pcs Colorful (red, green, blue, yellow, pink,           white  Each a piece of)            10pcs Colorful (red, green, blue, yellow,             pink, Two pieces each)

-This is a modular touch screen wall light. This design allows the user to effectively slide where they want or need light, turning the wall into a canvas and using their hands as a brush. The combination of modularity and lighting control is equivalent to a product that can be completely customized by the user. This product offers opportunities for lighting solutions specific to each environment.


-The product consists of a number of plastic hexagons that can be joined together by magnets and interlocking patterns to form a touch screen wall light. The magnets that make up the physical connection between the components also allow current to flow from one to the other.

-With the power supply of the product, each component is turned on and off with a capacitive touch sensor. The basic idea of the product is to allow users to convert the internal architecture of the space into a light source. It gives the user a possibility to illuminate the path they touch by simply sliding the surface of the wall. Turn the interior building into a canvas and let the user use the hand as a brush.

Touch sensitive lighting

Honeycomb assembled touch-type modular LED lighting system

The hexagonal module lights are spliced together by magnetic attraction, which can be used as wall lights, with touch-lighting and extinguishing mode, which can be turned off and on with a light touch or easy stroke.

Freely assembled

Installation Notes


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