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T-stage Fashion Heel Sandals

T-stage Fashion Heel Sandals

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Shoe Size

For Women Size 

Please choose size according to the foot length (from heel to toe )! 


Different country different material have different size standard . 

So our US size ,Europe size may have some different with yours. 


Pls measure foot length at first and then choose size correspondingly. 



21.5-22cm   foot length =4.5  size

22.1-22.5cm foot length =5  size

22.6-23cm   foot length =6  size

23.1-23.5cm foot length =6.5  size

23.6-24cm   foot length =7.5  size

24.1-24.5cm foot length =8.5  size

24.6-25cm   foot length =9 size

25.1-25.5cm foot length =9.5  size

25.6-26cm   foot length =10  size

26.1-26.5cm foot length =10.5  size

26.6-27cm   foot length =12 size


If your foot size is standard ,please choose size as above. 

If your foot size is fatter than standard , please choose the bigger one size , 

If your foot size is thinner than standard , please choose the smaller one size 

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