Website creations, design and development

Website creations, design and development

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Shopify store fixes
Store Mentorship

Trinity Skys Creations and Develpoment (US based stores only) shopify stores only

Need help and a professional experience in Web Design, Product Search , Seo Building, E-Commerce Websites and Social Media Marketing.

We am looking to help rebuild current shopify stores, social media martketing, temporary mentorship and tools to help store grown.

Trinity Skys store has developed and grown even through pandemic and continues to grow.

Multiple services provide:(below)

1. Full shopify store creation -with your choose of merch type, full social media set up for sales and marketing, transfer of ownership of store created to you the customer and then temporary mentorship for 3 months after transfer. Mentorship is very important even after 3 months of 6 months the goal is to keep your store growing and alive. We do not leave you in the cold.

Apply for your local sale tax id - taxation is important in business and our economy growth. Please have this number available.

Cost is $1500- $5000 depending on the size of your store.

The cost partly goes toward your store investment to get it running including a full year of shopify online store access. 

Small Store income of 1000-1800 monthly in growth

Medium store- 1800- 3000 monthly in growth

Large store 3000-5000 monthly  in growth 

2. Current Shopify store minor fixes. Example- adding product, creating more helpful seo, product deletion and other minor fixes. Let us know what it is and we will let you know if we can help or direct in the right direction. 

$150 -$500

3.Sale increase and mentorship assistance. Finding niche products that sell,  uploading those product to your current store.

$350-3 month mentorship and assistance

$500-6 month mentorship and assistance


Information about product and information to provide

For new store creation

We will be create you new store how exciting. First there re some things you need to know and some info we will need. 

Know what your store name will be.

Apply for business license and ficticious names in your local or state requirements municipalities. 

If you are interested in branding we encourage trademarking your name. go to Https://


The best way to protect you name is to work on creating a Trademark i

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