XITUO Damascus Steel 67-layer Japanese Chef Knife 8 Inch

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Product Description
Material - 67 layers of Damascus steel and excellent high-end touch. The exquisite Damascus is naturally patterned, with stunning design and absolutely the best materials to complete the kitchen task with ease.
Blades - excellent sharpness and good edge retention make it fast and easy to cut, providing each chef with top cutting performance and versatility.
Cured wooden handle - stylish and elegant, blue honeycomb pattern, special special
Containing gold edge strips, it is particularly noble and comfortable to hold.
Ergonomic design combined with modern art, chic and beautiful
Elegance - Classic and elegant visual appeal.
Comfort - The octagonal provides maximum comfort and control.

Usage Scenario
1.For families and restaurants: Damascus chef knife can makes your kitchen work easier, but also adds luster to your kitchen;
2.For cooking shows and performances: a beautiful chef knife can make you more attractive,attracts more viewers for you.
3.Whether you are a professional chef,a home cooker,or a culinary student,this knife can meet your needs!

Packaging includes
1* chef knife
1* food grade PP knife cover
1* high-end gift box


Tips: Every honeycomb handle has fewer differences. Most of the honeycomb handles are the same as the handles of the picture. But every honeycomb handle is very beautiful.

When you receive the handle and the picture is slightly different, the  is normal.

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