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Join our Paid Affiliates Program!

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We are excited to announce our affiliate program is now open 2022!

Offering a way to make temporary and ongoing passive income in our referral gift program. 

Our affiliate program is all the way back and are you ready to earn some cash while shopping with friends? 

Have a YouTube channel and want to share and earn here's an opportunity

What ever it is we are here for you. 

Here at Trinity Skys our goal is to add to the economy and what better way to do that then to have creative ways to give back for individuals to earn some extra cash. 

So here is a little bit about our revamped program. 

Sign up at https://trinityskys.affiliatery.staqlab.com/partner/signIn and get started today.

Tier 1 is Silver are set at 3%  per sell commission.

Tier 2 is Gold set at 5% when you sell $500 to $999 in order sales.

Tier 3 is Platinum set at 10% when you sell $1000 and up in order sales. 

Sales can not be pending or canceled orders. Customer must complete order to receive commissions. If we see affiliates are abusing the system you will be  banned. We ask individuals to be respectful and use this as a tool for income opportunity through retail. 

We will be adding fun incentives and specific product sales perks and more through out the year to give added earning power. The goal here is to give back and get earning while you and your friends shop.

You are welcome to edit your referral links and coupon code. Sign up a friend and when they make their first sale we will pay you 2% of the order total. Coupon code percentages can change between 5-15% so periodically check in to see changes. We will also send notification of all changes as well. 





.You can email us for help at affiliates@trinityskys.com. Thank you for your interest in our program have fun shopping and earning. 

Payouts are on the 15th and 30th  of every month. Payouts are currently through Paypal only. We will add more options for payout in future. 

Please be advised this is an earning opportunity for those interested this is not a place for soliciting or advertising any who violates on our site will be banned from posting. Thank You.

Updated 5/5/2022


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